Lanza lets you classify your parts in the Classification app. Based on the data available Lanza classifies your parts into assortments and segments.


Lanza is able to categorize your parts portfolio into so called assortments. Assortments are groups of parts that can be used for reporting and for optimization purposes. Each assortment contains an optimization matrix.



This matrix is used to classify the parts in each assortment over different segments. These segments are determined by the 2 dimensions of the matrix. These dimensions are technically customizable, but we always advise to use Price and Demand Frequency.

Each dimension (in the image above: Price and Demand frequency) has a few thresholds. These thresholds can be altered by a user. With the right thresholds an accurate division of the parts over the matrix can be achieved.

Note: it is possible to configure extra rows or columns if needed. For example when you want to separate extreme slow movers.