Our promise

Advanced made simple

A spare parts planning solution drawn with precision

With the urge of keeping your assets up to prevent unnecessary downtime and safety issues the challenge of efficiently and effectively planning your spare parts is a top priority in your business. While your assets are technically complex and supply chains can be unreliable we believe in advanced spare parts planning made simple. That is our promise to you!


Functionally complete

We deliver state-of-the-art forecasting and inventory models to overcome your day to day spare parts inventory challenges. Whether you have only one site or a global network of sites our models and algorithms optimise your inventory to reach your target service levels while minimising your stock value and operational costs.

Easy to use

But for Lanza advanced does not directly mean difficult. We invested heavily in an intuitive user interface where all screen elements add value to the planner. You can intervene where needed but will not see irrelevant information. Less is more, cut to the chase. With visual management and management by exception we guide the planner through the planning and optimisation process. This triggers a monthly optimisation cycle that keeps your inventory parameters updated while your performance moves to your business objectives.