Transavia transforms its inventory management

Putting focus on the painpoints in the supply chain

Transavia Airlines, a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM Group, is a Dutch low-cost carrier that offers budget flights across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. With a modern fleet of Boeing aircraft and their newest Airbus A321neo aircraft, Transavia focuses on affordability, convenience and customer satisfaction.

Proving the solution

Transavia Airlines faced issues with a large inventory of non-moving spare parts, which impacted its balance sheet and operational efficiency. To address this, they adopted Lanza, a software solution leveraging the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle to optimise inventory management. Lanza’s applications help visualise data and pinpoint improvement areas, minimising AOGs due to spares, at a reasonable cost. 


A phased approach to learn and expand

Using Lanza, Transavia’s supply chain team can effectively visualise the current state of their inventory. The software highlights non-moving items and spare parts shortages, allowing the team to focus on specific areas that require attention. 

By applying the PDCA cycle, the team systematically plans, and implements strategies to reduce excess inventory, and to do investments to increase their availability. This includes reviewing historical usage data, forecasting future needs more accurately, and implementing just-in-time inventory practices.

The PDCA cycle fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Regular checks and assessments of inventory performance are conducted, followed by necessary adjustments to strategies and processes. This ongoing cycle helps Transavia refine its inventory management practices continuously.

The past few years have proven that the AOGs due to spares have decreased as well as the stock value of the fleet assortment. Transavia has been able to focus on the right parts in their service supply chain, which led to an optimal balance of their business KPIs.

Complete, simple, flexible

By leveraging Lanza’s data visualisation and PDCA-based improvement cycle, Transavia Airlines has successfully addressed its inventory management challenges. The airline now enjoys reduced inventory costs, improved operational efficiency and, most importantly, fewer aircraft on the ground.

Mike Snel, Supply Chain Lead at Transavia

“What we at Transavia like about Lanza is that the software is built around the empirical Plan Do Check Act cycle. The different apps in Lanza help us visualise our data and pinpoint where we can to improve our operational efficiency."

Mike Snel, Supply Chain Lead at Transavia