Business intelligence

Get actionable insights

You can create your own KPIs and put them on the wall. We believe in a KPI hierarchy where KPI’s are connected and assigned to specific process owners. In addition, you are able to drill down to the root cause and define specific actions for improvement, whether they are in the software, in the business processes or with some people.

Build a KPI hierarchy

Everyone loves KPI’s, but it is easy to drown in them. In Lanza we create KPI’s in a certain hierarchy. KPI’s always have direct relationships with upstream and downstream KPI’s. This enables proper root cause analysis. Moreover, we make sure that every KPI is assigned to a specific process owner. This way it is clear who your go to person is in case a KPI needs improvement.

Do not stare, act!

Walls of KPI’s do not give you improvements. The right actions do. Besides accurate trend graphs for all KPI’s we add lists of bad actors. For example, the worst performers on availability. You are able to dive into these bad actors and investigate what the root cause was of the performance.

You can define your action for improvement and leave your notes. This could be a change in settings, but perhaps some business process needs improvement. Bottom line, you have added another incremental improvement in your journey towards excellence.