Inventory control

Sanitize your inventory of spares

Create the best balance between parts availability, working capital and operational costs by applying the right methods and models to each part in your assortment. Lanza guides you in this decision making.

Replenish economically

Ultimately you determine 2 parameters in Lanza: when you replenish and how much you replenish. The latter one is an economical decision. In some cases it makes more sense to apply batching, in other cases it makes more sense to replenish per 1.

Lanza offers different methods for this economical replenishment. One of these methods is the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) which balances ordering costs and holding costs. Based on yearly consumption and price it determines the optimal order quantity per item. Ultimately, you are in charge to align the right method with your inventory and Procurement strategy.

Achieve your clients SLA's

Optimization for us means the right balance between parts availability, stock value and operational costs. It depends on your business objectives where to put your focus. But in all cases we promise to give you the target service levels that your clients expect and experience as such.

Other legacy systems also take availability targets into account, but have different definitions. In short, service levels from Lanza match the expectations of your client.