Spare parts management in the Dutch harbour

A good start is half the battle

Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) is a state-of-the-art container terminal. In 2013, the construction of the terminal on the Maasvlakte was started. Right from the start, RWG invested in optimal spare parts management. Therefore, RWG started a collaboration with Lanza.

Managing the spare parts coordination 

Besides redesigning the warehouse, this collaboration aimed to improve the spare parts management function and to unburden RWG by managing their spare parts stock. In doing this, Lanza strives for balancing operational costs, availability, and working capital. To remain competitive, a necessary KPI dashboard was implemented as well.

The numbers tell the tale

In close cooperation with Gordian Lanza ensures procedures concerning receiving goods, issuing goods, cycle count, assortment management, and purchasing are consistent and well-defined. Consequently, every stakeholder acts accordingly so that the data in the systems will stay accurate. 

The installed maintenance management systems and ERP systems had limited capabilities regarding spare parts planning. Therefore, an integration between Lanza and the maintenance management system Maximo was effectuated. Lanza calculated optimal reorder points and order quantities including advice from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and maintenance engineers. Furthermore, Lanza’s KPI dashboard measured the process performance monthly. An example is the delivery performance to the internal customer, resulting in problem detection in an early phase.

A reliable stock

By starting with optimizing the spare part management function, RWG gained full control of her spare parts stock. Despite the small warehouse, an efficient design in combination with optimized stock levels enabled RWG to store all the necessary spare parts. Moreover, the internal customer can rely on the logistics departments due to processes designed taking an integrated business view into account. The IT is arranged in such a way that performance can be measured in real-time and inventory control parameters can be set optimally within a short timeframe. 

As an add-on service, Lanza was able to provide tactical planning services powered by Gordian. These services supported RWG in doing exception checks, guaranteeing performance, and incorporating advanced business intelligence when making stocking decisions.

Stijn Wouters, Product manager at Lanza

"Thanks to Lanza RWG contains a high-tech spare parts management.”

Stijn Wouters, Product manager at Lanza