Bayer improves spare parts planning for diagnostic imaging

First time fixes due to the deployment of an accurate spare parts planning tool

Bayer is a major player in the healthcare industry. Amongst other products, Bayer produces and services injection systems for diagnostic imaging purposes. It is essential that these injection systems are available for the medical teams in hospitals and clinics at all times. Therefore, proper spare parts management is high on Bayer’s priority list. The target is to get the right parts at the right place, at the right time, against minimal costs. 

Proving the solution

To find the right balance between availability and costs, Bayer asked Lanza to implement its advanced spare parts planning tool. This tool enables Bayer to calculate optimal inventory parameters, generates reports, and is easy to use. Bayer is a large organisation with a substantial number of stakeholders, so proving the added benefits of Lanza is essential. By showing the calculations and reports in Lanza, the business was convinced implementing Lanza was the right strategy.

A phase approach to learn and expand

In close collaboration with Lanza, Bayer defined a phased approach to implement the Lanza tool in its organisation. Initially, the focus was on Bayer’s central warehouse, after which the van stocks were also connected to the application.

After understanding the various supply chain business processes, Lanza and Bayer were able to formulate the data and IT requirements for the implementation of Lanza. After that, a User Acceptance Test (UAT) was conducted and a system training was provided. In the initial phase, the tool was used by Bayer for three months to learn and conclude if they would expand the scope to more sites and vans throughout Europe. At the time of writing, Bayer concluded to continue with the expansion.

Complete, simple, flexible

Bayer’s feedback was clear. Lanza is a complete, simple, and flexible tool that gives planners the ability to calculate optimal inventory parameters, manage by exception, and generate quick analyses on any deviations in parameters or performance if required. Moreover, the journey has just started, Bayer and Lanza are looking forward to see how global deployment of Lanza can be realised at Bayer..

Stijn Wouters, Product Manager at Lanza

"Software is a piece of code, software deployment is winning people over to use it."

Stijn Wouters, Product Manager at Lanza