Management by exception

Save time with clear focus

You don’t have time to analyse all your parts individually. Only intervene when the system is out of bounce. Apply smart filters and intersections and spend time on the relevant parts to create impact for the business.

Save and share lists of parts

Get your filters straight and save your definitions to your queue of parts. With every data update this set of parts will update dynamically and enables you to go through the typical use cases you want to assess. Think of critical slow moving parts with peak demands or unreliable lead times. 

You can even share the saved queue with your team members or manager. This way, they can collaborate and support you, but can also step in when you are away. Do you want to leave the queue private? Go ahead. Feel free to create as many queues you want.

Combine smart filters to narrow down your search

Ultimately you want to create focus in the swamp of parts you have to manage. With our flexible filters you can narrow down your scope very precisely to the parts that impact the business the most. This is always a balance between effort of investigating the parts, and the coverage of relevant parts.

Besides standard filters on master data, output results, classification data, and more, you can also filter on exception rules, e.g. peak demands or unreliable lead times. These exception rules can even be configured specifically for you. 

You can even apply a Pareto analysis (80-20 rule) to different variables to narrow down year search even more. Are you happy with the combination of your filters? Save your queue definitions and share them with your team members if you want.