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Please fill out your contact information and get started.

With your contact information we can set up a secured Sharepoint environment. Here you can upload your data based on the data template we provide.

Once we have received your data, we will do a quick data assessment and provide you with feedback in case we see anomalies. Here we distinguish between critical errors and alerts.

You can provide your updated data on the same Sharepoint site.

When the uploaded data is clean we will set up a Lanza environment. With your own username and password you can login and start optimizing your spare parts.

Once you have access to Lanza we will book an onboarding session with you to demo Lanza and to show you some tips and tricks. We will also provide you with our Quick Start Guide.

During the trial period you have 10 support credits* to ask your relevant questions. We want you to see the full value of Lanza.


* 1 support credit is a session of 1 hour with our product specialist

What is covered and what is not?

Covered in free trial


  • Max. 30.000 part-location combinations
  • Consumable parts (no repairables)


  • All core apps: Classification, Results, Focus, Parts, Reports and Settings
  • Full forecasting capabilities, incl. unplanned and planned demand
  • Full inventory control capabilities
  • Multi-site configuration
  • Configuration of 2 assortments
  • Configuration of 2 custom fields
  • Ability to export inventory parameters for upload to your ERP / EAMS


  • Onboarding session with demo
  • 10 support credits during the free trial

Covered in Lanza license

Everything in free trial, plus:


  • Unlimited part-location combinations


  • Embedded KPI dashboard
  • Multi-echelon optimization (MEO license)
  • Unlimited assortments
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Tailored exception rules
  • Tailored exports


  • Automated integration with your ERP / EAMS
  • Monthly data updates


  • Criticality
  • Where used
  • Supersession